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March 2010

By Dan Gross
Philadelphia Daily News

MANY KNOW Janet Zappala from her years on local TV, but only her family and friends know about her passion for cooking.

This week Zappala releases “My Italian Kitchen: Home-Style Recipes Made Lighter and Healthier,” her first cookbook, through Addicus Books. Zappala, a nutritionist, includes nutritional info on each recipe.

She is also trying to combine her two loves of food and television. She’s in discussions for a national PBS cooking/travel/lifestyle show to be co-hosted by PBS chef Tommy Tang.

Since Zappala’s late mother, Mary, taught her how to cook, it was no surprise that she chose Mom’s Marinara Sauce with Meatballs when we asked for her favorite recipe in the book. “I come from a long line of Italian women who were all great cooks,” said Zappala, whose children, Brad, 22, and Natalya, 12, love to eat her food but haven’t shown an interest in cooking. Zappala and husband, Steve Brody, have a good arrangement. “I cook and he cleans afterward,” she says.



BOOK REVIEW : My Italian Kitchen

by By Jan Miller My ItalianKitchen Janet Zappala’s love affair with cooking began as a young child when she would watch her mother lovingly prepare meals for her family and friends. Zappala went on to become a six-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, but her passion for cooking never died. In the end food and cooking won […]

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Smoothies — Goodness In Every Glass

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Spring Beauty Tips

The eyes have it this spring as shadows are bold and bright. Think Easter egg dyes: Key lime green, Lemon yellow, and Bubble gum pink. Eyeshadow Texture is the second component for spring 2010, mild sheen during the day, with 3-D texture (think reflective disco ball) for painting the town at night. Skin is in! […]

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