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April 2010

National article on My Italian Kitchen out today!
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{ 0 comments } — Janet Zappala Finds Success with New Cookbook

When we last saw Janet Zappala, she was educating us about the dangers of trans fats and protecting our consumer interests on CN8’s Art Fennell Reports. When Zappala’s long and illustrious television career came to a halt last year, she did what many in the working world today can’t quite bring themselves to do: change […]

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Tips for Healthy Living

We all want to eat well, and when we do, we can enjoy what we’re eating without worrying about any harm we may be doing to our body. Eating healthier shouldn’t be a chore, it’s about a mindset. Once you make a decision to eat better it becomes a lifestyle, second nature. It’s really very […]

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Vegetable Stock or Broth?

I do so much cooking and don’t always have the time to make my own broth or stock. I find store-bought, especially the Whole Foods brand 365 does the trick quite nicely, tasty and no msg. But what is the difference between stock and broth? Vegetable broth is lighter in taste and color, where vegetable […]

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