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August 2010

Water is what our bodies need to live, in fact our bodies are like water machines, functioning mostly on water and minerals. Our bodies are about 70 percent water, our brains about the same, and our liver over 95 percent water. We need to stay hydrated at all times with clean, pure water.

Whirlpool has a refrigerator water filtration system that removes unseen contaminants, including lead and mercury which is found in some tap water, and provides fresh, clean drinking water. By using two water filters per year, a refrigerator system can filter the equivalent of 3-thousand bottles of water, saving over 6-hundred dollars a year, vs. buying a leading brand of bottled water.

The filter is easily accessible, and only needs to be changed twice a year. Whirlpool  Corporation also provides an automatic replacement program via which will send the filters right to your home, with no cost for shipping. 

Send the water to school with your kids or to work with you in re-usable bottles and you’ve helped you and your family — and the earth, by reducing waste from plastic water bottles that end up in our landfills.

It’s also a very easy, convenient, quick way to be close to clean drinking water at all times in your home. 

So drink up, it’s a much healthier way to go than consumning sugary beverages like sodas and fruit drinks. You can also squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice (a great source of vitamin C) into your water for a refreshing change. 



Eat Lunch and Keep Your Motor Running

Lunch is an important meal to keep your motor running smoothly, and eating a lunch that provides lot’s of nutrients is easy.  Start with whole-wheat or whole-grain bread, add a delicious low-fat, lower-calorie cheese like Jarlsberg Lite, which is a good source of calcium. Layer on top with a slice of fresh turkey or chicken, […]

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Break the Fast — The Fuel Your Body Needs First Thing

The saying goes, breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord, dine like a pauper. Eating with good nutrition in mind does great things for body and soul.  Knowing that you’re eating things like whole grains, ie. brown rice vs. white, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein and calcium, not only makes you feel better physically, […]

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