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Black Garlic

We all know about the “stinking rose.” But have you ever heard of black garlic? There is such a thing, and it’s being heralded by some as having twice as many antioxidants as raw garlic.

Black garlic is aged for a month in what’s described as a special fermentation process under high heat, so it comes out darker in color and sweeter in taste.

It’s a relatively new ingredient that chefs are raving about, and raw garlic “haters” are loving!

Personally I’ll take the old standard any day. To me there is nothing like the “real” thing, pungent odor and all. Garlic in general has lots of antioxidants, and is purported to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

That aside, let us not forget what it does to enhance so many of the foods we eat. I mean really…Can you imagine shrimp scampi without garlic? Pesto sauce without garlic? Pasta sauce sans the garlic? Garlic bread without garlic? Well I can’t either.

Afraid of bad breath? Not anything a curiously strong mint couldn’t take care of.

Buona Salute!


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