Pizza: Who doesn’t love it?! Well, how about a slice of good health and great taste? It can be done, and is being done, at Sammy’s Woodfired Grill. Janet Zappala serves up this healthful, delicious dish.

KMIR News | Palm Springs, California


Janet Zappala – Hadassah Foundation Speaker

Janet Zappala was the guest speaker at Hadassah Foundation’s fundraising luncheon on Sunday, June 7 in Cathedral City. The Foundation is a Jewish women’s group committed to helping women take charge of their health. It provides needed medical care around the world, including aid to Nepal after last month’s earthquakes. For more on Hadassah Foundation: [...]

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Escaping Anxiety

Millions suffer with anxiety, but there are ways to help alleviate the effects of anxiety. A former sufferer, and now a Clinical Therapist shares her thoughts with Janet Zappala. KMIR News | Palm Springs, California

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Brand vs. Generic Medications

Is there a difference between brand vs. generic medications? Is one better than the other? You may be surprised at the answer. Janet Zappala talks with an expert at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs for some clarification. KMIR News | Palm Springs, California

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