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Keep Moving and Fend Off Osetoperosis

I love to move, not from place to place so much, though Goodness knows I’ve done plenty of that over the years, no in this case I mean physically moving. It keeps me agile, energetic, gets me in a good mood when I’m stressed, and helps me achieve an overall sense of well being.

In fact, physical activity, (whatever gets you going) is crucial for our physical and mental health. Not only do we enjoy a better quality of life over the years, but it also lowers the risk of a litany of ailments, including heart disease, certain cancers, obesity and osteoporosis.

Bone health is of particular concern to women. In fact, osteoporosis affects over 25 million people each year, 80 percent of which are women. Osteoporosis happens when bone breaks down faster than it forms.  Some of that deals with estrogen loss, but there are other causes such as hyperthyroidism and calcium deficiency. It may also be hereditary.

Moving helps our bones stay strong. A regular aerobic routine coupled with weight lifting will help you build better bones, maintain balance, provide energy, and facilitate your everyday tasks.

Want to stay active, enjoy an excellent quality of life, build bone strength, live longer? Keep moving.

Also check out my recipes section for my Blast in a Glass, it’s an excellent source of calcium to maintain strong bones.

Buona Salute! To Your Health!


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