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Consumers Have A Right To Know

If we don’t speak up we are powerless. When it comes to the foods we buy and consume we have a right to know what’s in them, and if they’ve been genetically engineered. GMO foods must have labels so we can make intelligent choices.

I’ve written about the Environmental Working Group in past blogs and still believe that it works to protect the health of consumers. A watchdog group that brings the facts to the people, the EWG is worth learning more about. Google them, it will be worth a few minutes of your time.

Dear Janet,

Thank you for signing our petition to the FDA. We are always inspired by the commitment of our activists.

Help us spread the word:

    • Share on FacebookAmericans have a right to know whether the food we buy is genetically engineered – or not. But right now, there’s no labeling requirement. It’s clear that there should be – many other countries already have one. Join me, EWG, and 300 of EWG’s campaign partners in telling the U.S. FDA to Just Label It! Watch this video and sign EWG’s petition to request labeling today!


  • Tweet it#GMO foods in the U.S. should be labeled. Watch this video and sign EWG’s petition telling the #FDA to Just Label It!

Thank you for taking action,

Ken Cook
President, Environmental Working Group

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