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I have to say that while there are many people, past and present who’ve inspired me, one person who really stands out for me right now is Pastor Joel Osteen. He has a weekly Sunday night show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and every time I listen to him I feel renewed.

There is a lot to be said about the gift of faith. It keeps you going everyday with a spring in your step, and a quiet confidence, knowing that what you’re working for will happen with the gracious hand of God upon you. As Joel says, you have the favor of God, and with that how could you be discouraged? God is the one who causes good breaks to come. It’s God’s favor that helps us get to where we want to be. Joel calls it the “favor factor,” causing us to accomplish what we can’t accomplish on our own, and a lot faster.

We have to carry ourselves like we have favor, talk like we have favor, dress like we have favor, knowing you have the edge you need to realize your dreams. The key is to remember the favor of almighty God. These are the words of Joel Osteen, and I swear I believe what he says. I’ve experienced what he says. The key is to remember that the favor of almighty God will keep you from being defeated, that whatever you touch will succeed. Kick your faith into gear, speak favor in the eye of adversity.

Understand how powerful the “favor factor” is in our lives. Declare God’s favor in your life says Joel.

With it we can do just about anything, without it, well I’d rather not go there. I’d rather just remember that the gracious hand of God is upon me, and I wish the same for you.


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1 Janet; these words are so on. So powerfful! So much truth expressed! Thank you for sharing! January 19, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Janet; these words are so on. So powerful!! Thank you do much for sharing and the inspiration! Sincerely your friend and fan for a longggggg time. Domenic


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