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Teen-Aged Daughters~Help!



If you’re raising a teenager, namely of the female persuasion, then you know how wonderfully challenging it can be. She has her mind and you have your’s, and never the two shall meet. Maybe halfway now and then, if we’re lucky.

What is it about teen-aged girls? Why is everything a matter of life and death? Why is it that when you tell them something it goes in one ear and out the proverbial other?

Case in point, borrowing friends clothing. Sure once in awhile it’s fine I guess, but to make it a habit like brushing your teeth? Now that’s where I draw the line. Does she not have a full closet, and drawers bursting with clothing? Is her closet not filled to the rim with shoes? Did she just get a new jacket and boots? And still she comes home more often than not sporting someone else’s duds.

Oh well, she’s my daughter and I love her, and as my wonderful and loving mother used to tell me, “This too shall pass.”

This quote has also saved me. “There is nothing wrong with today’s teenager that twenty years won’t cure.” ~Author Unknown

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1 Chit Chat Cafe Live February 8, 2012 at 12:04 am

We each have a daughter who we love to spend our money on, spend time with, and are very proud of and love! Best thing we ever did for our relationship was to find things our daughters can do better than us, and compliment them on that! They look up to us, and we also admire them!

We are proud to be great role models to them having recreated ourselves with a new career showing them that women can be fabulous at every stage of their lives!


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