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Miracle Baby and Why Our Pets Need to Eat Well Too!

There are so many things in life to love. Family, friends, work, good food, our pets.

We lost our little Ginger, a Cairn terrier in February, and our sweet Westie Fred, in May after having them both for over 13 years, and it wasn’t easy. They were eight weeks old when we got them, and they were truly a part of our family. We all cried a lot, and afterwards vowed never to get dogs again because it’s just too hard when they go.

Well since we got Teddy, life has been really interesting. I know what you’re thinking. I thought she couldn’t handle anymore pets. You’re right, but our love for the canine trumped our fear of getting anymore dogs. He’s now four months old and it’s a miracle he’s still here.

Teddy was with us for only three days when he fell ill. A trip to the vet and a litany of tests proved fruitless, they couldn’t figure out what was wrong and advised us to take him immediately to the hospital. Not long after, Teddy was diagnosed with Parvo disease, an often times fatal disease that dogs can only get from other dogs. The doctors weren’t very optimistic about Teddy’s recovery, he was tiny, weighing only three pounds, and very young. We visited him every day. They had him hooked up to an IV, and were pumping oxygen into his little ICU box where he was kept. He had one of those cones around his neck so he wouldn’t pull out the IV. He could barely move he was so weak, but when he saw us he somehow found the strength to sit up and wag his tail. While his body was weak, his spirit was strong, and I know having us there made a difference. But three days later as we were on our way to visit Teddy, the doctor called and told us that it wouldn’t be unkind or unethical to stop treatment, he didn’t think our baby was going to make it. We asked if there was any hope at all, and he said yes a little but not much. That’s all we needed to hear, that there was hope. We said please continue treatment and we will stick with it. Well a miracle happened, the next day Teddy took a remarkable turn for the better and was released from the hospital three days later. He is now a happy, very healthy dog with so much life in him that he wears us out, and we love it!

We make sure he has proper nutrition and plenty of exercise to keep him in the best of health. What our pets eat is so important. They need their vitamins and minerals as much as we do. Science Diet was recommended to us by our vet and Teddy is thriving. I also love the fact that Science Diet donates huge amounts of food to shelters all over the country. Their belief is that by eating nutritious food, shelter dogs and cats will be healthier and get adopted faster. They’ve made a believer out of me for so many reasons.

If you’re thinking of adopting a pet, be sure you’re ready. Pets bring a world of joy, but they’re also a lot of responsibility. They need your time and attention, not to mention your love and devotion.

(If you have a pet, and you don’t have pet insurance, please consider getting it. The rates are not expensive and could save you thousands.) I wish we had it when Teddy got sick. We do now.


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