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I love buying foods that can enlighten me about what exactly is in them. Where they came from and so forth. These things are going into my body, and the bodies of those I love, so every effort to ensure the purity of the produce and poulty is worth it.

When we don’t buy locally grown food for example, we consume food that is trucked across the country, hauled over oceans on freighter ships, even flown around the world. Think about it. We would suffer jetlag with all of that traveling, so it must take a toll on our food, not to mention the environment. The carbon footprint from all of this transporting of food is huge, and directly affects the quality, taste, freshness and nutritional value of the foods we’re eating and paying dearly for.

Buying local or even regionally on the other hand offers better taste, improved health and nutrition, and leaves a much smaller burden on the environment. Just keep in mind that even buying local doesn’t guarantee that all of the foods are pesticide, hormone or antibiotic free, and that’s where sustainable farming comes in. Sustainnable agriculture goes hand in hand with local, because buying local supports a more sustainable food system, better for us, the farmers, the environment and the animals. Sustainability includes every step that brings food from farm to plate. This way you know exactly where that juicy, ripe tomato that you made your bruschetta with came from, and exactly when tomatoes or any produce come into season. Take the time to ask questions of your store or your local farmer.  Are your livestock raised humanely? Do you know name of the farm where this product was grown? What went into those pies or breads you’re selling? All viable questions they should be able to answer.

Finally, if buying locally or regionally grown food isn’t possible, look for items grown in the U.S. You’ll be better off buying oranges for example from Florida or California rather than from a foreign country. (As close to home as possible).

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