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All of us are consumed with things. Work, kids, life. We need easy, we need quick, and we need nutritious foods that will fuel us and ensure a good quality of life over many years. That is why I am such a huge proponent of taking control of my health, because when I’m feeling good, life is good, when I’m feeling bad, nothing else really matters. Our health truly is our greatest gift, to preserve it we need to be proactive about it.

Know what’s in the foods you’re eating, read the labels, try healthier options. For example, you may love fried chicken, who doesn’t? Try baking it. It’s a fabulous alternative to deep frying. It’s crunchy, moist, a delicious palate pleasure, and best of all, a guiltless pleasure. (Check out my Baked Chicken recipe in my Recipes section).

There is a reason why I love coming up with healthier ways to make the foods I love…because I don’t want to give them up! Why should we deprive ourselves of the foods we covet because they’re unhealthy? In most cases they’re only unhealthy because of the way they’re prepared, or because, in the case of meat, poultry and fish, the way they were fed and/or raised. Take control. Opt for organic, grass fed beef. Organic, or at least all-natural poultry, devoid of antibiotics and cages, and wild salmon rather than farm-raised, which have much higher amounts of pcb’s. Be informed and you’ll make healthier choices.

Check in with me for continued updates and tips on eating healthier… without having to give up the foods you love. If you like chocolate for example, by all means have it…dark chocolate is high in antioxidants, enjoy it, in small amounts it will do your body good. Best news in ages!

Buona Salute!