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vitamins for eyes

Good nutrition keeps us healthy but did you know that it can help us protect our eyesight?
Antioxidant vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fish oils all have a beneficial affect on the eyes. Antioxidant vitamins like A, C, & E halt the effects of damage to the eyes caused by light exposure. These vitamins will protect against cataracts (opacification of the lens), and at the correct dosage may also slow down the progression of macular degeneration. Vitamin A is found in carrots, sweet potatoes and liver.
Vitamin C is found in fruits and vegetables such as oranges, strawberries and broccoli. Vitamin E is found in different types of nuts such as hazelnuts and almonds. Deficiencies can also lead to ocular surface drying and night blindness.
Dietary carotenoids (yellow pigment) such as lutein has also been shown to help in slowing down cataract formation and retinal degenerations such as macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. Carotenoids can be found in carrots, and in red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables as well as in green leafy vegetables.
Lastly omega 3 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation in the oil glands in the eyelid and help to improve blepharitis ( a type of dry eye). Americans consume too much of the omega 6 fatty acids and not enough omega 3’s. In general, you can cut down on omega-6 levels by reducing consumption of processed and fast foods and polyunsaturated vegetable oils (corn, sunflower, safflower, soy, and cottonseed, for example). At home, use extra virgin olive oil for cooking and in salad dressings.
Supplementing your diet with fish or flaxseed oil capsules and eating a healthier diet, lower in fats, and rich in antioxidants and carotenoids can keep your eyes and your body quite healthy….A carrot a day keeps the eye doctor away!