The Inspiration Behind My Italian Kitchen

cookbookI have wanted to write a cookbook since I can remember, and I am happy to say that I have created a cookbook that practically anyone can use and enjoy. Like many of us, I had a mother who could cook with her eyes closed, she had learned from her mother and by the time she was nine she was cooking daily for her family of six, while my grandparents worked to support the family.

I count myself lucky to have grown up with her, watching and learning as she created and presented dishes that would make my mouth water just looking at them. Over the years she honed her skills to the point that when Mary was in the kitchen, it didn’t matter what she was cooking, only that she was the one doing the cooking. In my new book, My Italian Kitchen, Home-Style Recipes Made Lighter & Healthier, I bring many of mom’s recipes to you.

As a nutrition coach, I’ve also cleaned them up a bit to make them, as the title says, lighter and healthier, but without comprising their great taste. You’ll find every recipe to be easy, quick and absolutely delicious! Whether it’s the stuffed artichokes, the chicken cacciatore, or the cream of pepper pasta, I know you’ll enjoy every last bite!