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for spreading the good word about Guapo’s Giant Heart. I never thought as a TV journalist that I’d write a children’s book, but here we are! It’s been a great joy to spend time with children and share important life messages of diversity, love, friendship, and inclusion, built around a true animal rescue story. I’m honored to bring them comfort, especially right now, when kids are being traumatized in so many ways. Watch the full interview.

Did you know Master Massage Therapist, Ron Garcia, was also a professional chef? Even with his demanding schedule, Ron still enjoys cooking every day for his family.
Lucky for us Ron had time to demonstrate his master skills as chef and masseuse in this special Good Food Matters Holistic Wellness episode. Ron shares two Filipino recipes: Chicken & Potato Lettuce Wraps and a party favorite, Pancit. He also runs down the importance of massage therapy – better circulation and pain reduction being just two of several health benefits – in addition to using reflexology as a diagnostic tool. Ron even shares his secret facial recipe, guaranteed to give you a rosy glow!
Join us…it’s never a disaster when working with a master!

ON EATTHIS.TV Time to reset and renew in my #TBT Throw Back edition of Good Food Matters. I had a blast making new memories while reminiscing with my dear friend, Michele Yanik. We cooked up a few of our feel-good family-fave comfort foods: Homemade Cheese Ball, Waldorf Salad, and Michele’s amazing Date Nut Bread. I also talk with Dr. Joseph Scherger, a family physician and wellness specialist with a degree in public health (emphasis in nutrition/preventive medicine). Watch the full episode HERE on

ON EATTHIS.TV  Fresh, clean, pure water, free of contaminants, provides our body with nourishment and gets rid of toxins, but not all waters are created equal. On this Good Food Matters segment I talk with Roger Rignack of @lifesourcewater, a respected leader in whole house water filtration systems. Roger details the many health, environmental and economic benefits of a LifeSource system, and shares fond memories of Alex Trebek, who was not only a customer, he often worked with their installation crews! I also share which fruits and vegetables offer the highest water content and put several of them to delicious use.Watch the full episode HERE on

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