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May is the perfect time to steam, stuff, bake, braise and thoroughly enjoy fresh artichokes. Antioxidant-rich and packed with fiber (10 grams in a medium artichoke), potassium, iron and calcium, do not let their looks intimidate you! Bulbs should be firm with tightly closed petals. Keep them refrigerated in a loose paper bag and use within 3 – 5 days. Before cooking, soak them in tepid water with touch of vinegar to help draw out any dirt. Trimming can be tedious, but well worth it; you'll find many great instructional videos online. Whether you steam, boil or bake, cook them whole until tender. Drizzle with EVO or butter and sprinkle with Parmesan. Or, serve with a simple aioli sauce. Here’s to your health! #GoodFoodMatters #YourHealthMatters #HealthIsWealth #MakeFoodMemories #KitchenMemories #FoodNews

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